Thursday, June 10, 2010

Take a Chance -- Say Hello to Someone You Do Not Know

Some habits are hard to break... like hanging out with whom we know at an event with hundreds of new relationship opportunities.

Tonight was the first ever Orange County Business Journal General Counsel of the Year Awards gala. To the credit of Executive Editor Rick Reiff and Publisher Richard Reisman the attendance was stellar and thank you for recognizing the rock stars behind the scenes that make the wheels go fast (i.e. general counsels).

The habit I witnessed at the event this evening is our propensity to migrate and remain within the circle of relationships we already have. In a room filled with unknown people (decision makers we should get to know) we sought out any person that provided a safe haven -- no risk, nothing uncomfortable. In a room filled with opportunity we choose not to take a chance at a cost of $150.00 per ticket.

I know most of us (me included) are not extraordinarily extroverted people and feeling safe is important... but if I could encourage you to meet just ONE new person when you venture out. It really is worth it.

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