Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Context = Relevance

This post by Thom Singer about the desire to be relevant caused me to think about all of the incredible personalities I've encountered over the years, and which actually have been relevant to me. Thom's bullets are smack on – and I will venture to add one more:
  • The person with the largest context is the most relevant. Be the person with the largest context.
Context is equal to; what drives me, a higher purpose, a theme, a reason for being. It encompasses not just what I want but what I want for others. It is a state of both humble and proud, quietly working and loudly proceeding.

Every person I can think of that has been relevant to me embodied the qualities Thom pointed out, and they had incredible context. What they said and did mattered to everyone around themselves.

What this looks like is: Sitting in a meeting where purpose and direction are going six ways to Sunday, all of the participants explaining, pleading, arguing for their point of view and no progress is being made in any direction. In walks the person with a greater context... with just a few words the meeting is rocketing forward and everyone is excited to contribute to "where we are going now".

I encourage you to look at why you're attempting to do what you do, find what really motivates you and turn that into a greater context. You will be more relevant.

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