Monday, July 14, 2014

Context is King

The old adage, "Content is King", no longer applies. In a connected, electronic world there is plenty of content – more than we can absorb. What matters now, is what matters to me (or you), tt's about "Context".

If you ever visit Reddit you might know what I'm writing about. I never click on every link. I'm looking for context, not content. I am interested in what interests me, what inspires me or connects to my state of mind. All those pictures of cute kittens and dogs... not working for me, all of the rhetorical questions to create controversy, not happening for me as well.

But, a post on electronics, hi-res photos of beautiful locations around the globe or news relevant to human struggle.... there I am, click-click-click.

Building an audience for any company, firm or organization is no longer, ever, about providing "content". It will forever more be about providing "context".

No insult intended if you chase photos of cute kitties.

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