Thursday, May 29, 2014

Success Can Come by the Shortest Course

I participated in an adventure this evening. 

At the bottom of a fire training tower was a maze of tunnels – one at a time each of us was asked to enter the pitch-black path and find our way out.

At first I struggled – going right produced no results, I went to the left and nothing but walls and no course forward. After several minutes another man entered behind me as I kept trying to find a path forward... He disappeared around a corner I'd neglected.

I followed the sound of his progress in this labyrinth – turned right, found a hole into another tunnel, turned left, found a path leading right, then found a steel trap door leading forward (it squeaked loudly as I pushed it open). WAIT! The man in front of me did not produce this sound!!

AND. As I pushed the door open I saw light! Took one step down, turned left and arrived at the end of the challenge. SUCCESS!!

Each of the many men that entered the tower tonight found an exit. Most spent a long time inside. None found my secret journey to success.

What I took away from the experience is that there no guarantee to the best path... simply be focused on using all of my resources to produce the best result. By instinct, gut and sound I was the fastest man out of the tower.

Trusting myself is probably hardest of all instincts. Yet, success can easily come by doing what I know and trusting what I know.

Success does not have to be THE longest route. Simply believe, execute and have faith in your instinct!

Monday, May 26, 2014

Speak the Language of Your Audience

It has been my experience that attorneys and accountants love the written word as the best way to assimilate new information – I imagine it is their carefully developed attention to detail. Pictures, images stories and pictographs leave too much to individual interpretation. But, when marketing, the written word becomes a barrier to connecting with potential clients.

Marketing is not about creating media that "I" would read/watch/pay-attention-to. Marketing is about producing media designed for your potential audience. Often, what professional services need to produce will completely befuddle the firm partners – and absolutely hit the right note with the audience.

Remember, speak the language of your audience. They will appreciate you effort!

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