Wednesday, November 11, 2009

My Hero's Have Always Been Marines

And soldiers, sailors, flyers and any Man or Woman that would place themselves in harms way on my behalf.

Sunday, November 08, 2009

Passing Out a Few Samples of You Works Wonders

I was up in Oak Glen, CA today, the apple growing capital of San Bernardino County and it is harvest season. Apples galore! More than 32 varieties of the mouth-watering fruit offered in ciders, jelly's, jams, mustards, honey, and freshly picked. It was a glorious sunny day in the cool mile-high valley reminisent of a New England autumn setting.

Something interesting happened that got me thinking about law firm marketing (I know -- Bruce, get a life!) and here it is.... We visited about eight different farm shops, each with a store for purchasing fruit of the harvest and add-on gift and craft shops.

The marketing revelation is that we only purchased fruit at shops offering samples. No samples, no sale.

What does that mean? Well... I feel more connected to a product someone is proud enough about that they offer me a sample before I spend a dime.

In legal marketing circles that means that I would prefer to hire a lawyer that is willing to be known before I have to know him/her (i.e., I will hire lawyers I know).

If you are a lawyer and are not showing up at associations, attending events, schmoozing and doing everything you can to offer a sample of whom you are, I can only imagine the hard road ahead.

If you are the product then showing up and being seen is the only way you can sell you.

Get it?

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