Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Law Firm Marketing IS the New, New, Thing

How often do "new things" really come along in business marketing. The products may change (and that can be pretty exciting) but the techniques and strategy of marketing remain static. Recently something "new" did emerge. Rather strange, slow and ungainly at first it's just getting big enough that new careers and opportunities abound. It's called "Law Firm Marketing."

In an environment that cries out for more-better-faster-bigger, the law firm community exhausted every business development and rainmaking idea they had to accelerate firm growth in an internet-bubbled world. And so they turned outward and asked for help (hard to imagine an attorney asking for business advise, but it happens).

And by asking for help they enabled a stampede of experienced marketing professionals to enter an industry where few marketers had ventured before.

What we marketers have discovered so far is that marketing a law firm, AND marketing in a law firm is a whole new game... most techniques and strategies are yet to be defined. Is that COOL or what?! We get to do something NEW.

What I've determined so far is that successful law firm marketing tactics borrow bits and pieces of what we know from consumer marketing, political campaigning, consultative selling, lobbying and lessons from teen-angst.

What I hope attorneys have learned thus far is that they are unique. They have created, through their partnerships and client relationships, a special business environment that needs new rules and understandings so that it can continue to evolve.

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