Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Mission Statements: Run That by Me Again!?

In response to Seth Godin's challenge to send along better or worse examples of mission statements I like to point out this little gem originally unearthed by Ravi Chandiramani in his vignette called, "Talking PR crap? The Village is on hand to help you" posted at TheVillageLimited.com. The mission statement comes from a Swiss ad agency and states:
'Good advertising dramatises the relevant user benefits of products and services in a novel way –rational in its information, emotional in its presentation. Good advertising distinguishes itself from the others in that it is better than they are. Good advertising is something you can expect from us – remarkably good.'
With all of the words written and spoken about creating, destroying, publishing, using, minimizing, maximizing, re-thinking, and re-inventing the mission statement, I hold out hope that at some point actions will become more important than the words we use to posture with.

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