Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Predicting Who Will Succeed

Great tools and advisor's is high on my list of gotta-haves for me -- especially when it comes to hiring and working with people. One set of tools I feel pretty confident about is the DNA series over at PeopleBest. I must of course disclose that the CEO and founder, Jim Hunter, is a good friend of mine. . . but that just adds to my confidence. But he is not operating another run-of-the-mill HR consulting firm. He has developed and successfully deployed his tools allowing clients to predict the future success of individuals.

Even more amazing, the results are specific to what someone might accomplish within your firm (lawyer or staff), not generically to the bigger world, but just for you. The PeopleBest tools can also predict what will happen if you change pricing, compensation, alter policies or any of the many variables of business and people.

I know, I know -- you're thinking, yeah right buddy! Well, snort away. I've seen it in action and it comes as close to magic as is scientifically possible. Just for hoots and grins visit the PeopleBest site and take the free profile just to see a part of how it works.

You can email me later when the magic is happening for you.

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