Sunday, April 24, 2005

First Impressions are NOT Objective

This study on dating and 'first sight' impressions should mean a lot to anyone building business relationships. I have commented to so many audiences that business relationship skills can be learned in the pages of a book like "10 Commandments of Dating" or "The Seven Principles for Making a Marriage Work." Whether in our personal life or our business life, the relationship engine built into all of us is a single engine. It does not have two sets of filters nor can it tell the difference between a business reception or dinner on a cruise ship.

I used to chide myself for not having enough friends separate from my business life. One day I pondered what sort of people I'd like to meet... and discovered that I already knew them. They were all of the people I liked in business that crossed over into being personal friends as well.

I like doing business with people I would have as friends, AND, I like having friends to keep me company in business. In business use your brain to excel in your practice, and use your gut (instinct) to excel in relationships.

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