Tuesday, April 19, 2005

A Great Marketing Analogy for Law Firms

I learn so much from my clients I wonder if I bring anything to the table! OK, so maybe I do have something ‘upstairs’, but the learning continues to be wonderful. I was at a meeting this morning and one of the attorneys was struggling with the question; “Why do we need emphasis on the firm’s message when all of us have such dissimilar practices? As long as we individually are bringing in new clients what can a ‘firm’ program produce?”

I admittedly stumbled around on that one blathering off good old marketing truths that were not having any impact whatsoever. (Thought to self: wasn’t my last post in MC about speaking their language, not mine?)

Another attorney in the meeting jumped in (thankfully) and said, “The firms reputation is the same as if you were buying a Toyota. They have cars in all ranges and styles to attract completely different buyers at every level. But when you think about buying what they offer (without regard for the specific model you’re looking at) you definitely think about whether you like Toyota’s name (reputation).”

He boiled it down to the essence of joining an attorney to a firm, and a firm to a reputation. The message IS important. I am so going to like working with this firm!

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