Friday, April 15, 2005

Your Priorities are Not Universal

Start your day by writing down your priorities for the next 12 hours. Your list may be:
  • Make sure XXX project is on schedule
  • Call XXX and make sure they are on-board with recent changes
  • Talk to boss to see if he/she is mad with me
  • Think about what to talk about at business lunch with XXX.
  • Don't last meeting keep me from getting to cleaners before they close
Now that you have listed your priorities put them in your pocket so they are handy in any conversation you have with ANYONE that day. And at the beginning, in the middle, and at the end of every conversation look at your list.

You're asking, "Why?" Here is the answer.
  1. Just like you have priorities for your day, so does the person you are talking to, and his/her list probably looks nothing like yours. Don't get in the way of their priorities!
  2. Unless you have read them your list he/she has no idea what is important to you. If you need them to know; tell them. They cannot read your mind.
  3. What you do in a day plays toward what you do in business and life. If you think daily about what's important to accomplish, over time, what you accomplish will deliver greater results.

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