Sunday, May 08, 2005

My Weekend and CSS

Building web pages requires a level of detail that attorneys and accountants would understand. Writing code is a very precise task with little room for error. My self appointed task this weekend was to do some updating on the Marketing Catalyst Group website (which you are welcome to check out), and along the way found myself enchanted by the hundreds of new design and coding variables for making a pure CSS website.

One of the better written sites I ran into was MaxDesign for creating containers and floating boxes. I also started using TopStyle which is an amazingly eloquent CSS authoring tool from the same creator behind FeedDemon and HomeSite. Another invaluable resource archive can be found at CSS ZenGarden along with plenty of CSS design examples from top graphic artists.

I am happy to know what I can about writing the actual code behind a website, and am even happier that there are so many wonderful experts out there that I can send the serious work to.

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