Saturday, June 18, 2005

How Many Marketers Do YOU Need?

Thanks to Andy Haven for getting kick-starting my brain this morning... His post on marketer to attorney ratios is a great look at a common misconceptions in professional services. His comments illustrate the natural tendency to storm-the-castle "whether you're with me or not!"

I was recently talking with a firm that believed it might not be an attractive challenge for me as a marketer because they had "fewer attorneys than the firms you've worked with in the past." Their view was in line with what Andy commented on.

My answer to the firm, and what I believe as a marketer is that it's not the size of the firm that creates the challenge; It's the size of the audience they're marketing to (hmmm, goals...).

In every battle plan there is an objective. To accomplish the objective a commander looks at all of the many units at his/her disposal and all of the special things each can do. When the battle plan is put in motion the various units will charge out in many directions, each doing the thing they do best. But each unit, and each individual is breathing one plan; To stand together again on top of THE objective.

SO... how many marketers should you have; or attorneys, or staff? As many or as few as it takes to accomplish the objective/goal of the firm. Large firms may only need a few; Small firms may need a bunch. What's your plan?

Thanks again to Andy for this mornings bowl of Wheaties.

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