Thursday, July 07, 2005

What's Not to Love...

Passion inspires vision... and vision inspires passion.

Someone asked me today; "Do you really enjoy what you do?" I hesitated only a heartbeat and answered with complete certainty, "YES!" My job is to create vision where none existed; to inspire bright minds to be something even more (hopefully) than these minds might have imagined.

In the great bubble culminating in the year 2000 I was connected to several "incubators". You know, those entrepreneur gathering engines that passed out hope like it was candy in their pockets. Without regard to success or failure I was inspired by the sheer determination of creative minds trying to create a business where (according at least to them) none had gone before. Does it matter if success is on the horizon or failure at their feet? So many bright minds bent toward a dream.

Does this not describe the partners in a law firm? Who wouldn't want to hang around the aura of inspiration. That's why I love the work I do. I am inspired by a collective of minds bent toward succeeding.

I was once informed I'd never do much more than "dig ditches in Louisiana"... If the people that dig ditches in Louisiana are as inspired as those I work with now; I would like that job too.

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