Sunday, August 07, 2005

On the Ownership of Ideas

Taking ownership of what I believe my firm should be doing is essential to my success. Taking too much ownership could also be my downfall.

Having an opinion is important when it comes to developing marketing ideas and programs for a law firm. Add to that the necessity to state an opinion with a business case deeper than just gut feelings (strategic thinking). And of course, add to this mix; passion.

Sometimes, I, or the attorneys, can become so married to our specific idea that it destroys the ability to measure any other idea. Since my idea is perfect what possible reason do I have to consider any other idea if the means exist to go forward with mine. If people stand firm on their ideas too many times they become a barrier to progress. Soon what others wish to do is remove the barrier.

What has helped me is remembering that, in marketing, there are dozens of roads that lead to the same destination. I may desire to travel one specific road (my idea) but there is so much more to the journey than the start. If I only got paid to have the ideas but never made the trip that would be incredibly unfulfilling.

But to make the journey surrounded by others with equal passion for the destination? Now that’s fun!

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