Thursday, September 15, 2005

Bigger or Better: Two Distinct Goals

I’ve been running with the “bigger is better” crowd for so long I’d almost forgotten that bigger is just one possible goal in the quest for better.

Working at a solid regional law firm I am learning the powerful advantages of being the biggest and best in a smaller arena. Right now the firm has incredible cache that cannot be trumped by the national or international firms popping up all over our backyard.

In fact, my firm is not even competing (in most cases) with any of these mega-firms. Their business model is different, their ideal client is not attractive to us, and their overhead burden makes it impossible for them to be as agile and flexible as us.

Since starting with the firm several months ago I’ve had a bit of an expansionist mindset lurking in the shadows of my planning process. What I know now is that my best success will come by building an ironclad identity for the firm deeply rooted in it’s strength within our current borders. We will probably get bigger along the way, but that will come as a result of; Not as the reason for….
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