Monday, September 26, 2005

Good Things in Little Moments

Did I mention I'm having a professionally good time at Rutan & Tucker? Today was a BIG day at the firm (with regard to all things marketing)! We worked through some very important strategic choices and the edict is to keep marching (Note to competition: This is disturbing news for you).

What I am learning along the way as a law firm marketer (because I can NEVER stop learning):
  1. Believe in myself (of course with sound reason and excellent counsel)
  2. Believe in the people of my firm. They are just as excited at the possibility of something fantastic happening as I am.
  3. Allow others to state and own their opinions. I do not have to agree. Yet, how silly would it be to for me to tell someone their feelings are not valid.
  4. Learn to smile. NEVER to humor anyone, but to acknowledge, within myself, I am promoting the process of discovery.
  5. Good is not found in the goal, but in the process.

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