Thursday, October 06, 2005

Daily Mantra for Law Firm Marketers

What gets you started every day. Not each day, but EVERY SINGLE DAY, early till late, month after month, year after year? For me part of what drives me on is that I like what I do; And am rewarded with a paycheck when what I do feels more like passion than toil. But working at a law firm does have its challenges... Yes? Today I am sharing a mantra of sorts that has been useful for me.
  • Do I have a passion for what I am trying to do?
  • Do I believe (not just mentally) that I can do this?
  • Is this effort consistent with my values in life?
  • Am I willing to take action and put my full energies behind this effort?
  • Is what I want going to assist me in growing and becoming a better person, i.e., in achieving a more fulfilled life? Or am I just indulging myself?
If you begin a path of action with an effort and find a lot of resistance (problems), ask yourself: Do I really want this? Am I committed to the idea or not? What are the consequences, obligations, or energies involved that I may be resisting? Am I investing too much of myself in this idea/effort? Are my actions powerful and appropriate?

What we set out to do each day in our work MUST match the person we believe ourselves to be. When each is a match to the other "work" no longer describes how I spend my day at the firm.

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