Saturday, October 22, 2005

Thinking, Feeling, and the "California Type A"

I was talking with a friend tonight who expressed some reservations about what I do each day (she's owns a mortgage company... which is something I would not choose to do). But go figure. We wind up doing what we like right? Anyway, we were talking about the task I have of walking with the lawyers in my firm as we go through what is basically an emotional process; Branding.

If there was ever a profession that rewarded left-brainers, lawyering would be it. If there ever was a process more focused on right-brain choices, branding would be it. It's the experts of "thinking" giving their all to cope with "feeling" in a business environment. She wondered how it was to work with so many individuals that basically can't help but read only between the lines.

Which brings us to "California Type A" (CTA). That is the personality type I assign to myself. It's the combination of high energy contained in a laid-back persona. Just about every hyper-successful person I've known has been a CTA. And I believe, is the personality type of most well regarded law firm marketing professionals I've met. The qualities of a CTA are:
  • Tenacious -- What needs to get done will get done. Period.
  • Focused -- Very difficult to distract once a mission is underway.
  • Opinionated -- And quick to state it.
  • Infuriatingly calm -- It's all on the exterior but almost impenetrable.
  • Negotiator -- Everything has an answer that most people can live with.
  • Controlled by purpose -- not by time.
  • Big picture oriented -- is there a better way to see the world?
  • Feeling based -- A trust of the "gut"
Basically, a "Type A" disguised as laid-back. So, what type are you Dude?
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