Friday, November 18, 2005

Gaining Partner Consensus

It is a golden dream; To have every partner on-board and a champion of every marketing program. Not gonna happen! It’s not just lawyers. No matter the firm or company, gaining unconditional support and acceptance to any idea escalates in difficulty in proportion to the size of the group. More people; less agreement.

My programs are staying on track (for now) even as there are those that feel confident in their opinion that we are going to fast or moving in the wrong direction. I believe the “why” of how everything is moving forward comes in a few simple steps:
  • I never stop walking the floors. I answer emails and voicemail in person as often as it is reasonable rather than responding remotely. Talking face to face almost always concludes a discussion.
  • I am a professional at being insecure. That means I constantly check in with the people around me and LISTEN to what they are saying. I am always ready to turn a comment into an action item.
  • I believe in the passion of my partners. Whether for or against the changes taking place I know every voice has reason and belief behind their opinion.
  • I share anything anytime. The enemy of change is not enough information.
  • I believe in my choices. That is not a statement of ego but a place of conviction. Too many people do not give their own opinions as much value as they give to the opinions of others.
  • I get it that all of this is not life or death. It’s just marketing. Words and messages that may help people make more money, accomplish career goals, live in better houses, feel better about themselves, or gain a higher reputation.
Being a marketer at a law firm is weird enough just because the product I market is people; The very same people that may fight to prevent me from marketing them. I will not get total support in everything I propose to accomplish. But I can gain momentum enough to accomplish my goals and win the support that makes that possible. If you have other ways that help you get things done I would welcome your comments.
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