Saturday, December 03, 2005

2005 Law Firm Holiday Card

It's odd that I am posting a first look at my holiday card for this year, when it was in fact, holiday cards that kind of got me started as a blogger in '02. I'd been reading a stream of posts on the lawmarketing listserv and was feeling frustrated that the longest and most discussed topic was holiday cards... at the same time there were great posts on strategy, sales, managing teams, etc. I thought, at the time, "Is THIS the most important thing on your plate!?"

Well, in truth, sometimes it is. Right about this time of year as a matter of fact.

As the new guy handling cards for the first time at this firm I believe I came up with a great card... at the perfect price (which was; considerably less than they had ever paid).

I commissioned a local artist from Newport Beach (Andrea Tarman) to paint an oil depicting the Newport Coast in winter. For a firm based in Southern California it makes no sense to have cards with snowflakes or northern scenes. We work in the land of eternal summer and have a green holiday season every year.

What she created is striking, beautiful, full of color, and very "OC". And on the back of every card; "© Rutan & Tucker, LLP." The painting (that the firm now owns) will be on display in our main reception area through the end of the year and our clients and friends recieve a warm and beautiful card.

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