Monday, October 08, 2007

5 Ways to Introduce New Marketing Ideas at Law Firms

I have been working on a new, printed brochure for the firm and have a small committee of interested partners that review progress at selected stages. The concepts we're developing will have the further impact of rippling across all parts of our communications properties.

As we go along my task is to introduce new concepts (words and images) as these ideas take solid form. As always, it is a learning experience to introduce new ideas to an audience, each of whom assimilate information in different ways. If you find yourself being a messenger and a catalyst here are five ideas for introducing new ideas.
  1. Show your ideas face-to-face. It takes time to walk the halls of a firm to visit with individual lawyers, but personal interaction makes a difference. Conversations will find the right path for each individual as they experience the “new thing” for the first time.
  2. Have a way of demonstrating new ideas both visually and in words. Each of us assimilates information in different ways.
  3. Say as little as possible. Give your audience room to comment freely. Your responses should reflect their comments, not what you “came to say.”
  4. Avoid feeling or acting defensive. People in general find different paths to identifying with and agreeing to new concepts. Oddly enough it is very much a personal thing. They are not struggling against you. I have found that most people want to get excited and be a part of bigger things.
  5. Believe in the bigger goal. The “new thing” is almost always part of a bigger story. It is too easy to get caught up in one step as if it is the beginning and the end -- but it’s not. Remember to present the "new idea" in light of its place in the bigger goal.

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