Wednesday, February 15, 2006

The Refreshed Rutan

It is official. The refreshed brand of Rutan & Tucker, LLP is on the street, on the website, in the stationery, and rolling through the new advertising campaign. I'm not sure if its WOW or PHEW!

The response has been incredibly positive... from the inside and from out. 6½ months ago I was not entirely sure we could move this quickly to make such a major move; But it felt incredibly important if I was going to create returns in a firm looking for benefit.

Tomorrow I will start telling some of the great lessons learned; How we were able to keep the process on track and some of the critical moments when everything might have tumbled into chaos.

What comes next in this process of reintroducing the firm into an existing market is to get 'granular'. Now that we know our story, have our words arranged in a particular order, and have the majority of voices singing the same song it is paramount to bring everything into every individual relationship we have or are trying to create. Here comes Business Development and Client Relations BIG TIME.

If you have a chance to look at the new website any feedback is absolutely welcome.

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