Thursday, March 30, 2006

Finding the Intuitive Law Firm Marketer

It has been my experience that inside every professional services firm is an accountant or lawyer that has a benign talent for marketing. At least at the firms I have worked at it is not the partner that has that vision for themselves. Instead it is the partner who simply speaks from their feelings about what is feeling right and what feels wrong without imagining themselves a marketer on top of being a lawyer or accountant.

If you can, FIND THIS PARTNER! They give themselves away by making a greater balance of comments that are right on. They temper their comments by admitting it is, "just my opinion and I may not be right". They listen to discussion and try to work with all of the fact and feelings yet remain unafraid to voice their feelings on a topic or tactic.

The mark of a great marketer is an intuitive sense of what will work after all of the data, ideas, comments, and facts have been assembled. This innate talent can rest in anyone including people trained as lawyers and accountants.

What makes this partner so valuable is that he/she sees things from within the forest of BEING and attorney or accountant. They live the politics and cultural variances of being a principle; A part of the puzzle I cannot know (yet). This special knowledge can be a wonderful influence on what will work internally as we (marketers) struggle to make the message external.

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