Monday, May 01, 2006

Looking for Job When You're Not Looking for a Job

I am fortunate to meet with a lot of really great executives in the course of my job. Some with great companies and others looking for a great company. I was thinking about how my little technique of "Circle of Five" would work to help keep the "looking for a new company" at a minimum.

Try this. Find five people in other companies (maybe even competitors) that share your role. This is something you do while you are still working... Even if you don't think you will be going anywhere very soon. Put together a quarterly meeting (lunch, cocktails) to sit and talk for an hour or two about the challenges of your positions and career. Start sharing ideas, challenges, and business relationships (when it makes sense).

In any relationship group, as the members become closer the sharing and benefits will increase incrementally. And, you will come to know four other sets of ears that are hearing about the market and opportunities if you should find yourself looking for a new, great company.

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