Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Great Thinking Needs a Benefactor

This post by Jason Calacanis and counter-point by Kevin Rose about paid vs. unpaid social networking is too huge a philosophical discussion to pass up! On this blog I have offered up that at this point in history we lack "great thinkers"; individuals that have the time and mind to stretch out in search of revelation like Plato, Epicuris, Dewey or Rand.

I believe that, when observing philosophical discussion, choosing a side decreases my opportunity to learn. But in this case I am liking Jason's approach; to pay people to generate social bookmarks. In the process he becomes a benefactor of "thinkers". These lucky few will be paid to take the time to stretch their minds, think freely, and share.

All of the great thinkers had benefactors... a role that has all but disappeared. But Jason in all of his entrepreneurial wildness may have found a way to recreate an old role for a newer time. This is a good thing.

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