Monday, August 21, 2006

When to Write What About Law Firm Marketing

I have been running the MC Blog since February 2002 and in that time I've posted hundreds of times. Since February of 2004 (when I redesigned the site) I estimate I've averaged between 250-300 words per post. That's a whopping 89,000-106,800 words since February of 2004; almost two books of law firm and professional services stuff roaming around the MC Blog. Phew! I'm exhausted! But not too... (Note to Google: PLEASE upgrade Blogger with catagories so I can find what I've written!)

The hard part of course is always finding something to write about. Thankfully professional services marketing is a growth industry so there should be a lot of new all the time.

On the other hand, I've always found inspiration in what is relevant "right now", but as an active law firm marketer it might not be wise for me to openly discuss all things... like specific information before a campaign is launched, or around challenges for the firm or with the firm while they remain a challenge or remain sensitive.

I recently read a series of posts by another writer who is also a law firm marketer in which he/she (aren't I being cagey) ranted over several days about a particular frustration with partners and politics. If that writer's firm was in my part of the country I would have leapt at the competitive intelligence and gained a client or two, if not many.

Blogging is a wonderful learning tool. To others (and myself) I offer a equally wonderful reminder: Be careful what you teach. (243 words)

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