Monday, October 02, 2006

Random Thoughts on Law Firm Retreats

Random thoughts that may help your law firm retreat to be a fine trip indeed:
  • Never forget the perceived distance between junior and senior lawyers at a firm. The larger the firm the greater the distance. For some young attorneys it is incredibly stressful to hang out with the partners that control their future at the firm. Organize some activities that separate the peer groups so that everyone can truly relax.
  • If there is a "big" dinner on the schedule ask the partners to quietly exit after dessert and let the associates party on. Set up a seperate space for the partners to continue their evening. Partying and drinking almost always leads to sillyness...
  • Hire a photographer to be present throughout the retreat. Though many of the lawyers will bring their own camera's an independent photographer will catch a lot of great memories for the firm archives.
  • If you have a photographer at a dinner event remember to excuse him/her for the evening before anyone starts getting silly.
  • If you give gifts/mementos to attendees be sure that everyone receives the same things.
  • Remind partners that their actions are being observed by younger lawyers.
  • Leave plenty of open time in the schedule for everyone to do as they please.
  • Ask everyone to not conduct business (as is reasonable with regard to client needs) while on the retreat. Down-time with friends is important to health and sanity.
  • After the retreat prepare some sort of "memory" book with photos. It will become a cherished artifact for attorneys and their spouses.

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