Thursday, October 26, 2006

Slogging Through MC Blog Changes

After making converting other blogs over to the new Blogger Beta and testing things out I've made the leap with the Marketing Catalyst blog. Some things are better, and other things I still need to figure out.

The things that are better include cleaner and faster posting, greater big picture control over the placement of elements on the blog page, and best of all; CATEGORIES! With more than a few hundred posts to review and categorize it may take a bit, but I am jubilent about the change.

What needs figuring out is the new html/XML Google created for Blogger Beta. Placing images for page banners and controlling CSS elements has changed dramatically. Actually, so much so that the HTML view is like seeing a new language. So far not too many people have figured out how to tweak the code. Until that happens the MC blog will sport a generic banner and Blogger Nav bar.

On an entirely different note, someone hijacked one of my email addreesses a few weeks back evidenced by over 40,000 kickback emails waiting for me when I signed into my personal email program. Every night for a week I clicked the "send/receive" button before going to bed to download the latest batch of reject messages for deletion in the morning. My program was able to pull down about 3000-4000 headers a night. What a frustrating HASSLE!

I've been going through my web sites and changing email hotlinks to phonetic referrals (i.e. myname/at/domain/dot/com) as you can read in the my contact information on this page. Oh what fun....

OK, back to creating category links.

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