Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Thom Singer delivered a great message to my attorneys at lunch today. Of course I used the lure of hot food to gather attendees but that really wasn't necessary as I am fortunate to have a majority of lawyers genuinely interested in learning new relationship skills. Tom stopped in to tell some entertaining stories about real-life business development faux-pas and walk everyone through a step-by-step for finding, making and sustaining good business relationships.

Of the many good tips he offered the one that had the most immediate result was: "Send a hand written note, not an email." Now I know this one thing is said time and time again, but it is said so often because it is such good advice. Not long after the lunch was over... in come requests for resupply on firm-branded note cards. Yes! They were listening!

Thom has a great message and a fun delivery. I find it immensely valuable to bring in speakers to talk with the attorneys on business development topics and Thom was perfect.

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