Friday, December 22, 2006

Holiday Vacation in Italy

This will certainly be a first. I'm headed to Florence, Italy, to spend the holiday with my youngest daughter -- a student at the Accademia di Belle Arti di Firenze (Academy of Fine Arts, Florence). She's been living there for several months now... a perfect opportunity to bring a bit of family to her temporary doorstep. I've never been to Italy so I imagine it will mostly be a holiday HOOT!

On the phone the other day my daughter was offering tips on what to expect while I am visiting. First off she said, get ready for things that don't work. In Florence it is quite common for bathrooms to be broken, power to not work on and off, and many conveniences to be out-of-order. Another thing that is incredibly intermittent is the Internet -- every provider has to travel the "last mile" into Florence through one pipe controlled by the national phone service. I guess they are notorious for not being too concerned about things running all the time....

Short version of a long story; I probably will not be posting anything on MC until my return in early January. But if I find time and a connection while romping about Tuscany I will at least write to say I'm having a great time.

To all of my readers -- Have a wonderful holiday season with family and friends.

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