Monday, December 11, 2006

The Long Tail of Creating Relationships for Law Firms

I find that it's the little things I do here and there to create relationships that ultimately produce the most wonderful surprises. The local business journal in town hosted a golf tournament several weeks back and I was able to slot one of my partners in a foursome that included the executive editor of the local business journal (which happens to be the most dominant business read in the region). They had a great time -- my partner is low-handicap golfer -- and he did a great job of following up with everyone in his foursome.

This morning, in the page three column the exec. editor writes each week, low and behold there is my partners name credited as being a powerhouse labor & employment attorney. The reference was totally out of left field but absolutely appreciated!

I am hopeful this high-profile reference happened because I paid attention to putting the right people in the right place, AND, my partner rewarded himself with a great new relationship by doing the work to be appreciated as a new friend. How fun is all of THIS?!

Creating opportunities through relationship development works in so many direct ways, and works in ways that will always surprise me.... What I do know is that, at a law firm, a marketing department can do no greater thing than ensure that everything the department does is somehow pointed at creating or enhancing relationships. Remember, your product is people.

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