Monday, February 05, 2007

Choosing Between News and Newsworthy for Law Firm Press Releases

The very nature of business at a law firm is to produce results. The larger the firm the longer the list of daily results. Unfortunately most of the results accomplished are newsworthy for the client, but not the law firm. That does not mean that most results have no use to the firm. On the contrary – with the exception of bad news and negative rulings just about everything a firm accomplishes can be marketing fuel for the firm. Here is a short list of how to market firm accomplishments and activities:
  • Transactions and cases - This is news for the client. Unless the result is of epic proportion there will be no traction for a news editor to publish your firm release. Create a one paragraph summary of the activity and publish to your website.
  • Firm news (people, leadership changes, awards, gifts, and hallmark events) - Items that touch your target community or demonstrate your commitment as a member of the community will generally get picked up by localized media. In addition to sending out a press release be sure to post on your website.
  • Firm news (sponsorships, seminars, presentations) – All of these items should make it onto your website under news and/or events. When sponsoring an activity, work with the event PR team to orchestrate mention of the firm involvement whenever reasonable. On the backend of any presentation, look for story ideas within the content that can be pitched to editors.
Some things are worth a mention in local (and national) media. MOST things are not. This is a truth. That does not mean that everything cannot speak for your firm -- just that not everyone is as excited about your results as you are. Use all of it. Just use it appropriately.

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