Wednesday, March 21, 2007

2007 LMA Conference-Part Two

What goes around comes around... fair enough. This evening was an informal dinner meeting of marketing professionals from the western U.S. at Piddypat's Porch in downtown Atlanta -- a fun and noisy group. As I walked around introducing myself one of the diner's asked, "Are you blogging the conference?" It turns out that the words I posted this morning at 10:00AM had already made the rounds... people where talking! This person (who asked me the question) along with the person beside her were responsible for constructing the registration process this year. I imagine, as graceful as they were, that my rant on spam did not go over too well. What goes around comes around Bruce. Say anything out loud and I better be ready for the rest of the story.... They assured me an opt-in process existed.

Amazing how fast the word got around that anything was posted in reference to the conference.

This evening was also the opening reception in the exhibit hall. Lots of people meeting new folks and greeting old friends. It appears the number of exhibitors is up from last year, which is a good message about the health of our industry. I am surprised though at the limited number of product categories marketed at this conference. The number of categories and depth of choices is significantly deeper at marketing conferences I've attended in other industries. My guess would be that legal services marketing still has a way to go before it is able to support heavier attention from a broader range of vendors.

I did talk to one board member about LMA supported activities for more seasoned marketers in the industry and she responded they have created two new conferences specifically for that niche. Both will be announced at this conference and held later this year in Chicago and London respectively. More on that when it's official.

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