Thursday, April 05, 2007

Truth and Perception - Be Careful About What People Might Perceive

I am running a testimonial advertising series featuring some of my firms many wonderful clients. One such client offers secure document destruction as one of the many services they provide corporate clients. Document destruction is becoming more and more important as an ethical necessity and often a legal requirement. However, to feature a law firm in an advertisement that implies destroying documentation might not be the best path -- in consideration of the current environment of public opinion about corporate wrong-doing.

As a non-attorney I am not nearly as sensitive to the pain of mistrust that my attorneys are feeling in this environment. While I see the good of a service that protects rightful privacy my attorneys feel the imaginary bullets of jaded stakeholders and storming advocates.

In the case of this particular advertisement I am glad my attorneys feel free to express their fears and open my eyes to a potential PR nightmare. While the truth of the clients service is accepted as a great thing, the perception of a law firm needing that service is still open to suspicion.

Remember that to some of your audience, perception garners greater belief that the truth itself.

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