Sunday, May 13, 2007

What is a "Marketing Catalyst" at a Law Firm

I used to have "Catalyst" as the title listed under my name on business cards. It was always a great conversation starter to anyone that saw it for the first time. "What is a "Catalyst?"", they would ask. Mostly I would respond that, "I make good things happen for people at my firm." More often though I receive emails and questions about "how" to be a catalyst. It's Sunday evening, I have a few minutes, so let me try and answer that question (at least for myself).
  • Everything I see looks too routine -- too normal. If it has been done once by someone else it does not need repeating. There MUST be a different way to accomplish it! Like scaling Mt. Everest -- many wish to reach the top, but is there a route no one else has attempted?
  • People want to be connected to other people. It is a natural state of things. What can I do to make that happen? Whom needs more friends? What two people can I put together to equal a great (business) relationship? It is a never-ending task of which I never tire.
  • Never settle for logical when "gut" is speaking louder. Instinct comes naturally and is key to being a catalyst. Logic is simply a way of explaining why we ignored our instinct. Think less--feel more.
  • Challenge anyone that wants to limit the range of your influence. This amounts to "being controlled", which is another way of saying, "I want you to only work towards my goals." This is a bad thing. Period.
  • Be honest. Maybe brutally so. Being a catalyst requires that everyone around you is always quite clear on whom you are, what you want, what you are going to do, and why you are going to do it. It is amazing how quickly "truth" opens the door to opportunity.
  • Trust everyone else at least once. Again -- period.
  • Think like an eight year old. Now that I am over 50 it has become a more and more difficult task, but I do remember it vaguely. And I can see it whenever I'm around children of that age. That year (or thereabouts) a child's curiousity and their understanding of what might be possible reach a peak. Nothing seems impossible and everything is within reach. Is that cool or what!?
That's my first take. I know there is more but here is where I will start. Maybe you can tell me more about what makes you a "catalyst".

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