Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Creating Buzz Tip #5: Get Your Name in Print

Creating personal buzz is about consistent recognition. If your name is in print readers will assign you heightened importance. It does not matter where your name is printed as long as it was put there ‘by someone else’ -- it can be as simple as your name listed as a committee member in a program guide. There are SO MANY ways to get your name printed.
  • You can be quoted in a news article
  • Named as the person orchestrating a transaction or deal
  • Listed on web and letterhead of a corporate or non-profit board
  • Write and publish an article (NOT an advertorial)
  • Be listed as a speaker or panelist
  • Collaborate on a project that is published
An important part of getting your name printed is having a PR (public relations) specialist on retainer. It is definitely worth the investment. The right PR person has the connections and savvy to create print opportunities. And, whenever possible, have your picture included when your name is printed (you do have a good editorial picture, right?).

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