Sunday, June 17, 2007

Tips for Building a Professional Services Career

Thank you to the Maryland Association of CPAs for picking up my series on networking tips. Maybe better for me than the link is finding a blog stuffed full of ideas for building a professional services practice. Their "about me" statement states a ton about their refreshed style of thinking: "Stuffed shirts and bean-counters? Not Maryland's CPAs! The state's most trusted business advisers break the mold. Sure, they know how to crunch numbers -- but they know how to do a lot more, too. They're world travelers, authors, politicians, rock stars, tech gurus, innovators and business leaders -- and they've got some great stories to tell."

AND, in line with their purpose -- KUDOs for tracking the Second Life activities of CPA firms on CPA Island in the SL virtual world.

Graphic Artists are Crazy

I might know. I am one. But, not like, "Wooo Hooooo, la la la la la, put me in a rubber room!!" Go online and look at any portfo...