Thursday, February 21, 2008

Do You Want to Create Great Business Relationships? Host a Poker Party

I was invited and attended a poker party tonight at the home of Mark Breneman of Barney & Barney. He, and Karl Hardesty of Tatum LLC, invited nine influential business executives and professional services partners to a miniature poker tournament at Mark's home. We started at 6:00PM and where done by 10:30PM.

My goodness-- it was fun! Some of the people that came had never played Texas Hold-em, but everyone had a great time. At the end of one hand of play one player was astonished that three pairs did not beat a full house! We laughed and were engaged the entire evening -- it was incredible fun!

The key to creating great relationships for me has always been to orchestrate unique and fun experiences. Tonight's poker party ranks as one of the best. Just about everyone at the table was connected in business purpose and each of us could benefit from knowing each other. After tonight I have a meaningful connection to people I'd like to know better. AND, everyone wanted to make it a regular thing!

So, I did not do so well in the game... I was busted and out somewhere about the middle of the evening. But I had a GREAT time and I think this worked for me much further than just losing a few dollars. I am looking forward to our next gathering and going further in the relationships that were created.

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