Monday, May 19, 2008

Birthdays and Personal Moments of Importance

It means a lot that we remember and do anything to mark the significant moments in the life's of people we desire to be close to -- this is important for you to remember. These dates elevate us in the moment and goodness knows we can never have enough special days to feel good about ourselves. Here is my short list of moments to remember and acknowledge within your business network:
  • Birthdays - Is there a day more important than this one? It is "our day" and anyone that gives this to us matters.
  • Wedding Anniversaries - It's a big day in a good marriage.
  • Date of Hire - It is a huge moment when we get hired to the position we desire. It is even more gratifying when others acknowledge our accomplishment.
  • Favorite Holiday - Everyone has a favorite holiday. Mine is Christmas. I have a friend that goes weird over Halloween. Letting people know that you remember that "this is their favorite holiday" is a good thing.
  • Giant Business Moments - "Isn't today the anniversary of the billion dollar XYZ deal?" Giant business moments always have a great aftertaste.
There may be other special moments you might acknowledge.... I have a friend that offers a toast to the breakup of the Beatles every April 10. I have another business friend that always knows the opening date for deer hunting in Wisconsin (we have lunch to talk about hunting, fishing and all things Wisconsin if he isn't able to fly back for the opening).

I can imagine there are at least two days of the year that are special for everyone in your network -- probably more like four or five. Get to know those dates let them know you remember what is special to them every year.

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