Monday, June 23, 2008

Playing Hookie -- Definitely a Marketing Skill to Develop

Are you going on vacation this summer? When you go what will go with you besides clothing, family, and itinerary? Are you taking your Blackberry or Treo? Will a laptop be tucked in between your swim suit and favorite t-shirt?

In the search for excellence in the work we do the most overlooked skill is the ability to detach and take time for ourselves. We ARE more than our work!

Over the years, to the astonishment of anyone that has worked for me, I have counseled them to play hooky from time to time just to hang on to their sanity. The ability to check out and declare myself free from responsibility is wonderful therapy and I feel stronger as a professional.

I encourage you to check out when you can -- especially when you go on vacation. Leave behind all of your electronic connections and just go enjoy! Learn to experience the freedom of detachment from your professional life.

And when you return maybe go so far as to take a couple of hooky days now and again. It is rejuvenating! Just don't tell your partners I'm the one that gave you the idea....

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