Friday, July 11, 2008

Your Client's Service Providors Can Be a Rich Referral Resource

I was in a meeting today with a group of sharp attorneys as they discussed different business relationships they needed to develop more referral resources -- a great conversation for any firm to enable. As the conversation waned I asked, "Have you been to lunch with the service providers that are already serving your existing clients?" From the look on several faces my question cracked open a new idea for many.

For all of my clients I strive to find out whom they use for banking, accounting, insurance, etc. I figure that as a referral resource they are definitely involved with similar clients that fall into my wheelhouse. And, over time I am finding that there is a TON of relationship crossover between clients I serve and the service providers I count on.

So do this thing: Find out who is servicing your clients, take them to lunch and start sharing relationships.

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