Thursday, September 25, 2008

In-Person Client Satisfaction Surveys WORK!

For the first time ever one of my client firms is conducting face-to-face client satisfaction surveys with their top clients. The PIC (partner-in-charge) that I work with is ecstatic about how it's progressing. He was practically glowing as he talked about the process and the client meetings.

I recall at Deloitte how this process was an annual, mandatory activity that generated incredibly wonderful results every year!

At my client firm the idea of satisfaction surveys had been shot down in previous years. One partner was reported to have stated, "Our clients must be happy or they would tell us if they were not." I apologize for being blunt but that reasoning is just silly!

Demonstrating you care about someone else, before yourself, is the single most active thing you might do to deepen any relationship!

This post from Jim Hassett, directed at law firms, is a good starting point for getting your act together in this matter.

Do not ever forget -- in any relationship, professional or personal, the best thing you can accomplish as often as possible is to remind someone that they matter.

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