Friday, October 10, 2008

How Your Firm May Be Like a Community Garden

A law firm can sometimes be like a community garden -- a half acre plot of land with X number of individual plots. Laid out in a grid of some sort with gravel paths dividing each private garden, the half acre is surrounded by a fence or shrubs. Each member of the community is invited to make their plot productive.

One gardener plants a single tree to harvest nuts, some gardeners plant vegetables, others plant flowers, another plants herbs, yet another plants exotic roots of South America. Of course, a couple of the gardeners planting flowers really have an issue with the tree person, and are really trying to be patient with the vegetable people.

Any visitor to this half acre may see some individual plots they like but will walk away knowing that there is no "community" in this garden. Does this sound like some law or accounting firms?

The entire purpose of marketing a firm is to put the "community" back in the garden and then promote that unity like crazy. Any firm that remains segmented and not united will simply continue to be only what they are right know, or over time, even less.

So, how does your garden look?

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