Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Your Firm is Not a Box on a Shelf

Talking with several potential clients in the last few weeks I am getting the impression that what they wish for is to be packaged in a way that will magically bring clients to their door.

Imagine that, if we could just put on a skin that attracted clients like bees to flowers -- we would not have to do anything but reap the reward of appearing to be completely different, wonderful and in tune with anything a client would ever want.

A nice dream... but so totally unrealistic.

There are thousands of firms out there right now aimed directly at your potential client -- all of them doing their own thing to be attractive and wonderful, and every one of them completely unaware of what clients really buy -- trust in an individual.

Do not ever forget that marketing professional services is all about marketing relationships. There is no "package" that wins every time or even some of the time. It is dating, and chemistry and trust.

My advise for every partner at any firm is to stop looking for a packaged solution and start working on being great at creating relationships. Seek personal growth over bluster, ask for relationship mentoring over makeovers, ask for people skills over packaging.

Any firm can orchestrate incredible results, but it does start with people whom are ready to challenge themselves to become remarkable.

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