Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas to the Catalyst in All of Us!

I am particularly reminded of the spirit of the holiday season this year.

I must confess it has been a long and tough year for me professionally. Starting a new firm, even with all of the support and encouragement I have received, is not easy.... Duh! I am learning so many lessons about what I can do and what I really need to do better.... OK, a whole lot better.

And in the midst of my challenges, this holiday season, I am receiving so much warmth from so many people I respect and care about. But maybe the best gift I received this year came from someone I did not know at all.

On Christmas Eve I found myself between a rock and a hard place at a Firestone dealership in Orange, CA. I was having a flat tire fixed and the problem quickly became very costly and seemed insurmountable. I explained my financial challenges to the service manager and somehow he came up with the least expensive solution. But the best was yet to come.

When I arrived to pick up my truck, it was fixed and, when he presented me with the bill I will never forget his kindness. He said, "No charge. Have a merry Christmas."

I hope this holiday season is wonderful for you. It has been for me and I am definitely looking for ways to pay this season forward.

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