Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Ah-Ha Moments Can Differentiate a Law Firm

In most instances the practice of law is fairly routine. Repetitive tasks performed for a client to satisfy regulatory, business and court requirements. Definitely each lawyer brings his/her unique skills and insight -- yet so much is routine.

Once in a while though we and our clients experience a moment when our cylinders are running at full speed and all of our experience and knowledge produces an undiscovered path. This is the moment you, and/or your client are completely surprised and exclaim, "AH-HA! Why didn't I/we think of that before!"

In these rare moments are the kernels of what CAN differentiate you from all the other firms and lawyers around you. These moments are the birthplace of packaging a legal product.

Recently two lawyers at my firm experienced such a moment -- they accomplished what no other lawyers had yet imagined and the results were nothing less than remarkable. What they did is not as important as recognizing the moment (and if I offered any details... now that would be giving up too much too soon.).

In solving a challenge these two lawyers actually carved out an entirely new "product" that can be marketed to many clients and prospects. This one AH-HA moment could be a gold mine on a map with no current competitors!

The lesson as a marketer here is to diligently listen for exuberant surprise from a client or lawyer. Behind their surprise may be an entirely new product and category for the marketing team to promote.

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