Saturday, August 01, 2009

May "The Pause" Be With You

Most conversations are pretty predictable -- I have a bunch of stuff I want to say and he/she has a bunch of stuff to state as well. Both of us are looking for triggers and words so that we can say out loud what we want to state.

By habit we are all socially selfish, want to dominate a conversation and want the other person to agree with us. In a selling or relationship development situation this primal social instinct is so dangerous it is toxic!

Consider using "The Pause".

The Pause is the uncomfortable moment in a conversation when each person is silent and it is my turn to say something.

Instead of formulating your answer WHILE the other person is speaking, wait until he/she has finished, pause while you at look him/her, take a moment to read their face and body language, THEN, consider your next words BEFORE you speak.

If you are skeptical this one conversational behavior can transform your relationships I challenge you to try it one time with someone close to you. This new habit could put you over the top as a rainmaker!

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