Sunday, November 08, 2009

Passing Out a Few Samples of You Works Wonders

I was up in Oak Glen, CA today, the apple growing capital of San Bernardino County and it is harvest season. Apples galore! More than 32 varieties of the mouth-watering fruit offered in ciders, jelly's, jams, mustards, honey, and freshly picked. It was a glorious sunny day in the cool mile-high valley reminisent of a New England autumn setting.

Something interesting happened that got me thinking about law firm marketing (I know -- Bruce, get a life!) and here it is.... We visited about eight different farm shops, each with a store for purchasing fruit of the harvest and add-on gift and craft shops.

The marketing revelation is that we only purchased fruit at shops offering samples. No samples, no sale.

What does that mean? Well... I feel more connected to a product someone is proud enough about that they offer me a sample before I spend a dime.

In legal marketing circles that means that I would prefer to hire a lawyer that is willing to be known before I have to know him/her (i.e., I will hire lawyers I know).

If you are a lawyer and are not showing up at associations, attending events, schmoozing and doing everything you can to offer a sample of whom you are, I can only imagine the hard road ahead.

If you are the product then showing up and being seen is the only way you can sell you.

Get it?