Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Bring The Gift -- Never be a Wallflower Again

Going to a business mixer can be intimidating, especially if I don't know anyone. "Meeting people I don't know -- who is going to want to meet me!?" "They already have great relationships and don't need to have another lawyer trying to buddy-up with them!" "Who am I kidding... I'm uninteresting and will make a fool of myself."

Man! The voices in my head are vicious! If I allow these internal voices to keep talking I WILL become the next well-dressed wallflower milling about on the borders of the room!

But I've got a secret, and will never be a wall flower again!

The secret is that most of everyone else in the room has the same darned voices saying the same darned things inside their own heads! Amazing! So, "How do I use this secret knowledge?" you ask.

The answer is: to bring the Gift to every networking event. The Gift is knowing there are many people there, listening to the voices in their head, in need of saving. They're crying out for someone to talk to them and I can be their ambassador. Instead of being a wallflower, I seek them out! I walk right up and start a conversation, listen to their story and help them become a part of the event. WOW!

It feels so wonderful to go to every event with a mission -- with a gift to give!

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